Magma Culture

Magma Culture Incorporated is a not for profit organisation specialising in Art, Cultural exchange programs and art consultancy. Previously, Australia China Cultural Enrichment, we have been in business since 2012. We have worked and consulted with organizations such as Art Nova 100, China Cultural Centre in Sydney, Coli Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre and Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart.

2015 - Public art event at Art Beijing

2017 - Art Exhibition at Downing Centre 《行走间的艺术》

2017 - Exhibition - THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT - Adelaide

2017 - Exhibition - 《艺术北京》

2017 - Art exhibition curation at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

2018 - Spring festival event Sydney

2023 - Spring Flow Blossoming - music and art event 《春暖花开》


When we stand at the intersection of music and painting, when the song starts, we feel the wonderful solidification of time, a special atmosphere fills the whole space, touching the artists who offer their voices, and also touching us who listen. At large concerts, we experience collective joy, lost in deafening sounds and spectacular visuals. However, these music superstars sometimes seem a little distant, as if they were living on another planet. But here, the singers in front of us were once like us, experiencing the ordinariness and repetition of life every day, but at this moment, they found the opportunity to release their inner passion and let life reach the boiling point.



Joy and happiness need to find and fight for, need to learn to be able to fight for joy and happiness. 



This activity combines music with painting. Divided into three sections, each representing a unique emotion and journey.



Part I: memory (past)
This is a heavy part, full of struggle and entanglement. It allows us to look back on our past and think about the puzzling challenges we once had. Here, we can find our own similar shadow, those who once worked hard to survive the days.



Part II: at this moment
At this moment, we have experienced the passing of youth, but at the same time, we have also found the strength not to give up and not compromise in the depths of our hearts. This part will show how we grow and change in life, how we adapt and persevere in moving forward.



Part three: looking forward to tomorrow
Finally, this part represents the hope and expectation for the future. It is an indispensable part of life, let us believe that tomorrow will be better. In this part, we look for the dawn of hope and believe in the beauty of the future.



In this integrated event, music and painting are interwoven, opening up the wellspring of emotion and giving us a unique and profound experience. We invite you to join us, immerse yourself in this world full of music, paintings and emotions, and find joy, happiness and inner strength together.